Show row or module based on visitor country location in Beaver Builder

beaver visitors country location conditionals

Do you want to display content in Beaver Builder layout based on visitor country (code) location? Beaver Themer addon provides a lot of conditional options but such location-based targeting is not available by default. However, this can be implemented via Conditional Logic API. To implement this, we shall build conditional logic “User Country Code”. Preview:…

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Shortcode to output ACF custom fields in Beaver Themer

beaver themer acf shortcode

Do you want to output ACF custom field value manually using a shortcode in a Beaver Builder layout? By default, modules in Beaver Builder allows you to connect to specific custom fields of your choice with simple click routines. However, for an even more custom approach, you can output custom field values manually using easy…

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Add self updating current year in Beaver Themer Footer layout

beaver themer footer year shortcode

We are in the new year, but one can still find a lot of websites displaying the previous year in the footer area next to the copyright disclaimer text. If you are building the footer layout template using Beaver Themer addon, then you can easily switch from manual year text to self-updating current year using…

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Make Beaver Builder row Sticky to Top on scrolling

beaver row sticky on scroll

Want to make the content of a specific row stick to the top on scrolling down page layout made with Beaver Builder? This functionality can be implemented using code from Sticky jQuery plugin. An ideal use case, when using the menu module within the layout that sticks to the top automatically on user scrolling for…

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