Move Reviews tab before the description on WooCommerce product pages

WooCommerce move reviews tab

Show ‘reviews’ tab as the first tab among ‘description’ and ‘additional information’ tabs on a WooCommerce website to give more visibility to reviews. We have already seen the different approach for more reviews visibility by showing reviews separately out of the tabs section. Now, let move the ‘reviews’ tab position in the tabs section on…

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Display product reviews separately outside the WooCommerce tabs

woocommerce sperate reviews tabs

By default description, reviews and additional information show in one ‘tabs’ section in WooCommerce. Want to display ‘reviews’ outside this ‘tabs’ area separately for more user engagement and visibility? You can quickly implement this, and it also looks cool. Preview: Reviews outside WooCommerce Tabs PHP Code: Separate Reviews section In the WordPress Dashboard, go to…

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