Connect Smart Slider 3 ACF field type with Beaver Themer layout

Want to display sliders created with Smart Slider 3 plugin in your Beaver Themer layout? You can easily make this connection with the power of custom fields created with ACF Pro plugin. Here is the quick procedure to get going.

Create Custom Fields with ACF Pro Plugin

First, we shall create a custom field of Smart Slider 3 type field with ACF Pro plugin for your page/CPT.

  1. Login to WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Custom Fields -> Add New page. Make sure ACF Pro plugin is installed and active.
  3. Create the Smart Slider 3 type field (as seen in the screenshot).

Register Smart Slider 3 type field

Choose Smart Slider on Post/Page/CPT

Make sure you have already created one or more sliders using the Smart Slider 3 plugin. If there is no existing slider, follow this guide to create slider(s). Then select the smart slider for your Post/Page/CPTs as seen in the screenshot below.

Select Smart Slider

Select Smart Slider

Display Smart Slider in Themer layout

Next step is displaying the smart slider in the Beaver Themer layout. Open the themer template in the Beaver Builder mode. Add HTML module in the layout containing the following shortcode.  Here, you will replace the key “smart_slider” with the  Smart Slider 3 type field key being used by you.

Place Smart Slider into Themer Layout

Place Smart Slider into Themer Layout

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